Where The Bear Does The Work

Where The Bear Does The Work

Welcome to Beargrounds Wood Worx

Welcome to Beargrounds Wood Worx

Welcome to Beargrounds Wood Worx

Welcome to Beargrounds Wood Worx


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About Us


Wood working for fun and profit

We are a Start-up Wood working Business. Having spent 10 years as a Chef in Las Vegas, Reno and San Francisco. I have a great love for High end wood bowls and serving items; trays, cutting boards and utensils.

I then worked in flooring, doing wood floors, tile and carpet for 20 years. It paid the bills but not the soul satisfying that great wood gives you.

Next I went back to college to get my degree in Computer electronics. Great hobby but again not very satisfying.


We are always working on new products

I especially like making serving trays and Kitchen items.


We will work off your designs or ours, your choice.

Since this is a business for a retired gentleman, we can work at a price that makes us affordable.



First Try at Blogging

   Well please forgive me for the mistakes I make here. This is my first time to try a blog.I am a returning woodworker not since high school that is. I am now 65 and find I have the time and money to pursue my life long desire to work with wood. I will in September finally be building my 20 x 30 shop. I am using a metal VersaTube building. They tell me I am able to erect this myself with just 1 other person to help. We will see.                 Well as the title states I began to look for my planes. What I found was the price was way out of my budget. Some as high as 300.00 most well over 100.00 I then turned to good old EBay. The prices I saw then were 19.00 to 300.00. So I began to research value and most desired planes, Stanley Baily looked to be it. Made in USA or England the most preferred. With the highest values placed on the older planes late 1800’s to early 1900’s.                 So it begins one man’s journey into refurbishment. All the planes I would be able to afford and stay on track to my dream shop would need to be refurbished. I bought as cheap as I could I am a Scotsman after all. I was able to get:#2#3#4#5A handyman plane2 x #6And my pride and joy a #7#110 and two Small block planesWith my trove all stored neatly away I will begin the journey of rust removal flattening sharpening painting and tuning. Wish me luck !!! 


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Once we are open on a daily basis come and visit. But until then please call.

Beargrounds Wood Worx

286 E. 1st Ave, Eagar, AZ 85925, US

(602) 885-1285


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